Sorry for not posting anything since the Ink N Iron festival. Just been too busy, as always… I’m gonna try to keep you updated, but I can’t promise anything 😉


Now, Sweden, or as the swedes pronounce it – Sviiiden – my birth country, will be visited by me as early as tomorrow afternoon. I was born there, in a place called Täby, just outside of the capital city Stockholm, in 1980.

First off I will head off to Stockholm, for the Stockholm Ink Bash this weekend (24-26/8), and I hope to see many friendly faces just like the years before this one. This is known to be the biggest tattoo convention in Sweden, and is one of my favorite conventions.

As Stockholm is my birthtown, I will stay until tuesday, to celebrate my birthday on monday the 27th, I’ll visit some of my favorite places as a child and maybe I’m lucky to meet up with some old friends, who knows?

Then I’ll fly down to Gothemburg, to visit some of my dearest friends, and to attend the first ever Goth Ink Fest (31/8-2/9), a brand new tattoo convention, located at Lisebergshallen, and presented by my friends Niki and Heidi Hay from Heidi Hay Tattoo.

Now I have to finish packing and get ready for take off tomorrow.

Hei då 🙂

Electric Linda

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