Correcting the rumors (updated 2017)

(Updated in may 2017)

I have been hearing different rumors about me and my work, and I would like to post some correct info, so that you don´t have to listen to people who think they know what´s going on…

✎ My waiting time is about 5 months.

It is not 3 years anymore, because we now have a bigger studio, and more artists under the same roof, so I can delegate work to other artists. Please, check them out when you got the time at

✎ My price range is quite average.

I am not a super expencive tattoo artist, like a lot of you might think. Yes, I charge NOK 2300,- per hour, while many others charge NOK 1500,-, but that is because I work much faster that most other tattoo artists. So a sleeve or a backpiece won´t necceserily cost you more by me than any other tattoo artist, because I will spend less hours tattooing you in total.

✎ I do more than just portraits

– I love tattooing everything Photo-Realistic, preferably in color. That means anything from a photo like peoples faces, buildings, animals, celebrities, still objects, statues, nature, flowers, lanscapes, absolutely anything from a photo! Though the quality of the photo needs to be high, otherwise the quality of the tattoo will be low…

– The absolute minimum size I will tattoo is A5 (10x15cm), though I would always prefer bigger. The bigger, the better! I love doing sleeves and back pieces.

– I DO NOT tattoo: Dragons, Fairies, Elves, Jesus, Angels (unless it´s a statue) I think you get the picture… I also do not tattoo small tattoos like texts or symbols. Please check out the other tattoo artists at for those kinds of tattoos.

Thank you so much for taking the time reading this. I hope to see you at Attitude Tattoo Studio in the future.

Don´t forget to check out my newly updated Youtube Channel for cool videos!

Love from Electric Linda

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