7 tips before getting tattooed

To get a tattoo should not be an impulse action. The small or large artwork will stay on your body for the rest of your life, and therefore you should think carefully about a few things before you get started. Here are my 7 best tattoo advice for those thinking about getting a tattoo:

1. Know what you want!

Trends come and go – Tattoos are permanent!

Times are always changing, you will also change, but the tattoo is the same year after year, so it’s nothing like cutting or coloring your hair, which grows back again. The tattoo is incredibly difficult to get rid of if you should regret it one day. Please be patient in your quest for your tattoo. Don´t get an impulsive tattoo. There´s no end in the possibilities when you´re chasing your next tattoo. By choosing ready made tattoo flash, or a copy of another tattoo, the chances are that many people have the exact same one.

Are you looking for something more special (custom), take the time to find a tattoo artist that has a drawing style that suits your taste. Always ask to see the pervious tattoos the artist has made. It is very common to choose a size too small the first time, which is the most common regret later. I usually say that the tattoo awill shrink mentally after a few months, because you get used to it. Most people then wish they had got it bigger the first time. Think a little bigger right away, select a size that looks nice on the body part that you want to decorate. Another important thing is to never let someone else influence you too much on the choice of either the motive or the size. It’s your body and your tattoo, so you decide. But the tattoo artist has of course more experience when it comes to what is physically possible, and what is going to look good in the long run. And the smaller the tattoo you take, the less detail you may have in it.

2. The Placement.

Most people who know what they want to get tattooed, also know where on the body it is going to be. The first thought you get is usually the best one for you. Choose a location that feels right for you. Think about if you want it to be visible for everyone, or only for yourself, in front of or behind the body, symmetrical or not, big or small… I recommend that you stay away from the neck, hands, and face if you are not already well covered with tattoos. In my opinion, those locations are not for young people who may not have found the path of life yet. Even though many places in the world are experiencing a steady rising acceptance of heavily tattooed people, not every place in the world feels the same. You can experience on foreign trips that tattooed people still get stigmatized and meet a lot of prejudice. Worst case, you don´t even get out of the airport..
3. The Tattoo Artist!

When you know what you want to have tattooed on your body, you need to find the tattoo artist that make it the best it can be. Look around, do the research and find a tattoo artist you feel comfortable with. Of course, there are many factors that creates a favorite, their personality, location, drawing skills or reputation, but whoever you decide to go to, make sure that the artist tattoos in an established tattoo studio and who follows the regulations by law. Don’t be fooled by a friend of a friend who tattoos at home, it will most likely result with problems, and they can be deadly.

If you go to an inexperienced tattoo artist or one that’s not too careful with hygiene, you may end up with hepatitis, HIV, Tuberculosis, syphilis, MRCA, ugly infections or, at best, just an ugly tattoo that is difficult and expensive to remove or cover up.

4. Don´t let the price control you!

Quality is not measured in time. A good tattoo artist is effective, they have full control of what they´re doing. When you are proud of your new tattoo it is still appreciated long after the price is forgotten. Feel free to inquire about the price of different studios as this can vary, but don´t let it be the priority. You get the quality you pay for. The price of the tattoo is measured from size, detail, artist skills, and amount of time and effort. For larger projects, it is mostly on an hourly rate. From an artistic point of view money should not be the deciding factor since the tattoo lasts a lifetime.

5. Preparations

If you easily pass out, have Diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease or other conditions that you are not sure, let the artist know about this before you get tattooed. Do not get tattooed if you are pregnant. Mariuhana, pills, Alcohol and chemical substances do not belong in your body when you get tattooed, however a good meal, personal hygiene and clothing that exposes the tattooed area is a good way to prepare. Feel free to bring some chocolate, banana or soft drinks so that you can bring up your blood sugar if you feel the need. Are you having a flu or something, you should wait until you are healthy and well, both the tattoo process and the healing process will turn out much better. Bring entertainment for your session, watch a movie or play games on your smartphone, tablet or bring a book. Anything that can keep your mind on something else for many hours. Remember a charger and earphones too.

2014-02-15 15.03.126. Yes, it hurts!

The ink is pushed in with needles about 2 millimeters into the skin, and this does hurt a bit depending on where on your body you want your tattoo. The differences of the levels of pain are usually so small that you should get your tattoo exactly where you would like to have it. How much it hurts varies from person to person, and from place to place on the body. Most people are in fact positively surprised on how little it hurts in comparison to what they had thought.

7. The tattoo is an open wound!

Always read the aftercare you get from the tattoo artist. They often give different advice, but if you trust them enough to let them tattoo you you should be able to trust them on the aftercare as well.

Avoid direct sunshine, solarium, bath, salt water, chlorinated water for 3-4 weeks … Do not scratch or peel on the tattoo during healing. Take extra care around children or animals that can touch or be close to the tattoo.

Good luck!

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